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About us


We are not Seventh Day Adventist We just have church on Saturday!

MISSION To infuse the culture with more of God!

Your relationship with God brings an awesome reward into your life. Our goal is to expose you to that life-changing relationship and help you capture more of Him. We are a church filled with families, communities and friendships. Walk with us as we trail-blaze paths that will lead others to witness God’s undeniable truth. Our desire is that believers would have limitless opportunities to encounter the power of God in the presence of God. We are a place where relationships with God grow deeper because of the development and cultivation that takes place through the word. Through practical and applicable teaching, we create a culture of faith that God intended for His people.


We're a community church established to help people pursue and find their individual purpose while walking with God. We want Christ to be at the center of everything to which you place your hands: your marriage, finances, business, and all that life has in store for you. We are looking for those who aren’t afraid to create change, be different, break old habits, and transform mindsets.  Candidly, people who aren’t afraid to be bold in how they believe God.


We believe our most critical role is how we disciple those that confess Christ. The discipleship formula for us is simple…Learn it, Live it, Teach it.

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